2020 Landscaping Trends

As with any industry, advancements in technology and the discovery of new techniques encourage change and progress over time in the world of landscaping. 2020 has been seeing some incredible new landscaping trends come along that are helping homeowners add personality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal to their home. Curious to know which trends are the hottest right now? Keep reading for the best landscaping trends of 2020. 

Multi-season Functionality

Long gone are the days when we let the cold weather keep us indoors. With so many hours spent inside at work, we relish all the time we can get in the great outdoors, so turning a boring backyard into a usable space at any time of year is an unbeatable trend. Full outdoor kitchens are perfect for keeping the cook with the party while still having access to all the cooking facilities; a firepit offers guests a cozy place to stay warm and hang out. Add in some TVs and a few speakers, and you’ll get to enjoy the amenities of the indoors out under the stars, no matter the season. 

Go Blue

At the end of December 2019, Pantone announced that the color of the year for 2020 would be Classic Blue, so landscapers are diving right into the cool oceanic color. Water features are playing heavily to bring out the blues in sculptures and flowers. Unsure of how to add blue to your outdoor space? A lick of blue paint on a fence or patio could do the trick. 

Decorative Hardscaping

Hardscaping is anything except for plants that you would find in a well-landscaped area. Think stone pathways, pavement, retaining walls, and a patio. But the real standout part of this trend is the use of geometric shaping to craft intricate designs that contrast against the softness of shrubs and flowers. As the trend grows, supplies are getting more exciting and diverse, allowing for maximum creativity. 

Custom Gardens

In the olden days of home gardening, homeowners were restricted to boring straight lines and square patches of land. Nowadays, with the influence of urban gardening, even homeowners with more space are experimenting with unique garden shapes that play to the area’s strengths. Vertical gardening, for example, allows more vegetation to grow in a small area of land. This maximizes land use and even increases biodiversity. Other approaches to gardening, like container gardening, offer other benefits as well. 

Remote Irrigation

If helping the environment is one of your priorities, this trend should catch your interest. Remote irrigation systems are finding a foothold in home gardens and as technology progresses, these high-tech systems will become more widely available to the public. As these systems deliver the exact amount of water needed, there’s no unnecessary water waste to grow your garden. 

See a trend you’d like to try in your own outdoor space? The professional landscapers and hardscapers with Caisse Construction will help you get these looks in your yard. Contact us today for expert assistance. 

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