An outdoor patio is a great way to add to the value of your home. They say what you put into your home, you get out, and what better way than adding a custom build, yet affordable patio!

Patios are great for hosting friends and family and providing more space for activities like grilling and relaxation. Our qualified team of professionals will always brings their experience and know-how mentality to conquer and any and all task no matter how big.

Caisse Construction Outdoor Patio Installation

What really sets our patio installation services apart from others is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the needs of each customer. Most of our designs are custom built so we can build a patio that will seamlessly fit in with the décor and style of your home. Our team is skilled at working with tons of different materials including concrete, brick, flagstone, tile, and pavers.

Types of Outdoor Patios:


Tons of options like smooth, stamped, brushed, scored, patterned, surfaced with other materials, and more!


Popular patterns include jack-on-jack, herringbone, and running bond


Different options include sandstone, limestone, bluestone, quartzite


Popular finishes include Porcelain, terracotta, and Quarry

Patio Pavers

Can be made to look like other materials like cut tone, brick, and cobblestones


At Caisse Construction, we make outdoor fantasies a reality. With tons of different patio options to match your home and bring your front or backyard to life, you can create a custom-built outdoor patio for years to come. Don’t just pick any company to install your outdoor patio, pick a trusted and dependable contractor: Pick Caisse Construction.