Patio Design Ideas for Entertaining

Now that the Winter and most stormy weather is behind us picturing entertaining in your home’s outdoor space is a lot easier. Family barbeques, graduation parties, and more are easy to host if you’ve got the appropriate space. If you’re feeling uninspired by your space, don’t feel bad, it doesn’t have to be boring. Your outdoor space should be one of your favorite parts of your home. We wrote this blog to help inspire you to spruce up your patio and the rest of your outdoor space.

Add to the Size of Your Patio

Many homes just have a small slab of concrete that serves as their patio. Maybe some room for a couple of chairs and space for a small grill. If that’s the case at your home, you should expand your patio. You can expand your concrete patio or opt for another material like brick, stone or pavers. There are tons of options available for patios today, so no matter the color or style that you imagine exists. Patio construction is very flexible, so you can have different shapes built to fit the size of your working space. Take a good look at the rest of your outdoor space and make a decision on patio size and material from there.

Bring the Inside Out

If you’re big on entertaining, you’ll want your home’s exterior to be just as comfortable as your home’s interior. You’d be surprised by just how much you can do with patio furniture along with a grill. Tasteful patio furniture that fits your space makes it better for friends and family. An outdoor kitchen is perfect for homeowners who often entertain, no more running in and out of the house constantly. When the evening comes, firepits and outdoor fireplaces are great additions for extending your get-togethers. 

Light the Space Up

During the day, the main source of lighting on your patio will be the sun, but lighting is essential when the sun goes down. Even with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, you’ll need additional lighting on your patio. Call an electrician and have electricity set up outdoors if it doesn’t already exist. Tasteful lighting creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your space. String lighting can be used where appropriate along with lights around walkways and other areas with foot traffic. Solar lighting is very popular for walkways because those areas typically get lots of sunlight during the day. 

Provide Some Shelter

Along with your patio furniture, you’ll want to have some shelter from the sun. It can get hot in the summer, especially on a hard surface. A table with an umbrella will help keep you cool. A covering for your patio will help you enjoy hot days without having to spend all day inside in front of an air conditioner. 

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