Outdoor Patios, Fireplaces, Grills & More in North Reading!

At Caisse Construction is proud to serve the town of North Reading with our hardscaping, masonry, and paving services. North Reading is a Middlesex County town that was first settled in 1651. The town is north of the Ipswich River and borders Andover, North Andover, Middleton, Lynnfield, Reading & Wilmington. There are about 15,000 residents in town, with many of the 5,500 households have families. It’s a suburb of Boston that’s a little further out from the city so able to offer a small-town feel. Most North Reading homeowners have good-sized backyards, which serve as an excellent canvas to design an outdoor space that you’re proud of. Contact our team today if you’re a North Reading resident in need of masonry, hardscaping or landscaping services.


Most homeowners in North Reading have some space to utilize outside of their homes but may not be taking advantage. A patio can be an excellent addition to extend your home outdoors. Patios can be easily designed and built to fit the specific needs that you have and the space you’ve got. At Caisse Construction, we offer many different options when it comes to patios. We offer concrete, flagstone, brick, tile, and more patio options. They can be built in a huge range of sizes, from surrounding a pool area to a small patio outside of a sliding door. Plus, we can custom build fireplaces and grilles to make your outdoor space useful once the sun goes down. Contact us today to get started on designing a new patio space at your home. 

Hardscaping in North Reading, MA

Hardscaping is any non-living part of your home’s outdoor space; it works with your landscaping to create a clean and organized outdoor space. Retaining walls are a key part of hardscaping, which helps make your yard more level and easier to navigate. Walkways and stairs are other popular hardscaping features. Just like with patios, we can custom build walkways and stairs from a variety of different materials. Hardscaping is about function as well as fashion. It needs to be well thought out but also look good as well. Our team at Caisse Construction has got experience working throughout Middlesex County. Contact us today to get started on a hardscaping project. 

Caisse Construction Services in North Reading, MA

Hardscaping and patios are just a couple of the services that we offer. We also offer paving, landscaping, and snow removal services to North Reading homeowners. We can build a driveway to help compliment the other parts of your home. Contact our team at 978-995-3168 or using our contact form.


Caisse Construction Services in North READING, MA

  • Outdoor Patios, Fireplaces
  • Retaining Walls, Brick/Pave Driveways, and Walkways
  • Snow Removal
  • Asphalt and Concrete Services
  • Spring and Fall Clean Up
  • Loam, Grass & Mulch


Grilles & more