Pavers vs. Concrete Patios: What’s the Difference?

Creating a new patio, or planning to give your old patio an upgrade? If you have one or the other tasks in mind, you may be considering the different materials that you can use to make it a reality. You may be stuck trying to decide between a paver or concrete patio. Both are popular materials that are used by many homeowners, but both are different and have their advantages and disadvantages. There are several factors to consider when trying to decide between pavers and concrete patios. Here’s a look at some of the differences between the two materials that can help you to make your final decision.


Concrete: maintenance is a significant factor when it comes to patio material. Concrete requires little maintenance. However, it is possible for weeds to grow through the cracks between the concrete slabs. The cracks may need to be patched up. With time, stains could develop, but it’s not anything that a pressure washer can’t handle. A protective sealant could also be useful in minimizing the development of stains.

Pavers: Pavers can better stand up to temperature changes and ground movement without cracking than concrete. Even if cracks occur, individual pavers can be easily replaced. Since pavers are typically made from natural stones, their patterns make stains less noticeable. It’s likely that weeds will grow between the joints of the pavers, which can be pulled up or treated with weed killer.


Concrete: Ground movement and temperature changes cause the concrete slabs to crack. Significant shifts in the slabs could make them uneven and increase the chance of developing water drainage problems.

Pavers: Pavers can withstand ground movement and temperature changes by design. Water drainage is easier because the joints pavers create between stones. It’s possible to perform your own DIY replacement job if your pavers suffer cracks.


Installation of concrete and pavers is best left to the professionals who can better handle the steps involved and avoid minor errors that can have serious consequences.

Concrete: Concrete installation is a little less labor-intensive than pavers.

Pavers: Stone paving is a complex process that typically takes a longer time to complete than concrete installation.


Concrete: The average cost of concrete per square foot is roughly between $7-$10

Pavers: The average cost of paver per square foot is roughly between $9-$14 per square foot.

Consider the long-term cost that could be associated with repairs for both concrete and pavers. Since pavers are more durable than concrete, you may spend less on repairs and maintenance.

These are just some of the major factors that you should consider when trying to decide between a concrete patio and a paver. If you need expert advice, reach out to our team at Caisse Construction today!

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