Tips for Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Does your backyard need a little sprucing up this summer for block parties and barbecues? Creating your very own outdoor oasis may sound like a complicated endeavor, but with a few simple tricks, you’ll have your backyard paradise-ready in no time. Here are a few tips for making your outdoor space a true utopia. 

Create a Path

A simple way to add personality to your outdoor haven is by adding simple stone paths. Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a feature for the path to lead to – you can have the natural tiles or flat stones do a loop of your backyard or lead to your prize rose bush. Giving guests (and yourself) a path to walk invites them to take a stroll and experience all that your space has to provide. 

The Outdoor Kitchen

Think the grill is the only way to cook outdoors? Think again! While a grill is an outside staple, consider filling out your patio with a more complete outdoor kitchen. Alongside a traditional grill, whether propane or charcoal, a flat top electric cooker allows for heating sides and sauces. A mini-fridge will keep your beverages and condiments cold, while a bar station could feature a selection of beverages and even a blender for frozen cocktails. 

The Furnishings

Whether you have a large backyard with plenty of space or a cozy patio for two, the right furnishings can make your outdoor space feel inviting and comfy. For larger spaces for entertaining, an outdoor-ready dining area is a versatile use of space. A small balcony or patio will feel extra welcoming with a couple of padded chairs or a built-for-two swinging bench. If you’ve got the space, fire pits and hammocks make great additions for an outdoor “room.” 

Water Features

Since an oasis is an isolated spot in the desert where water is found, it makes sense that your own backyard oasis would feature a fountain, pond, or pool. The sound of trickling water is peaceful and helpful for destressing after a long day. If you want a pool large enough to swim in but don’t want it to feel more earthy, look into natural stone tiles for an organic feel. If you don’t have the space for a whole pool, consider a koi pond or even a small fountain. However, you choose to do it, incorporating water into your backyard landscaping will be the icing on top of the oasis cake. 

Whether you choose to add bespoke stone paths, a natural swimming pond, or a finely crafted porch swing, hardscaping can add functionality and character to your private little paradise. Taking the time to dress up your outdoor space means you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors in comfort and peace. 

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